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Our Company is the subsidiary of the Russian Holding “United Payment System” having its’ activities on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mongolia. Our history started since 2003, when this business was at the initial stage only in Russia. Having combined European experience and our R&D achievements, we were able to create the highly-competitive products: Touch-screen Payment Kiosks, Touch-screen Information Kiosks, and SoftWare for networks of Payment Kiosks.

In 2007 our Company enters Indian Market to promote its own Payment and Information Technologies.

The Foundations of Our Company Activities are the following:

  • Openness to new Solutions - We consider, that this is the obligatory condition of Modern IT Company activities. We are open to new solutions, ideas, technologies, and this allows us to keep up to date and sometimes be a little bit ahead of time.
  • Comprehensive Approach to Solving of the Problems - We have the complete Production Cycle and significant experience in this Industry. Even when we solve a particular problem set by the Customer, we can point other problem areas, which can appear in the different parts of the project. This allows us to provide high-quality and professional solutions at any level.
  • Customer-Orientation - We clearly understand that we work for the Customer, and do everything, that the Customer who came to us has completely solved  his problem, with which he addressed to us.
  • Mutual Profitability - We believe that Mutual Profitability is the basis of long-term and successful cooperation.
  • Quality Guarantee - We guarantee quality of our products and confirm it by our financial responsibility.

We are open to the questions and suggestions, and hope that you will choose us.

General Director,
Denis S Gazukin